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The Fortunes of Indigo Skye
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Locations and Characters: The Fortunes of Indigo Skye

Marcy Lake (Locale): Indigo and Trevor go here in INDIGO SKYE, Travis and Ruby swim here in HONEY, and Cricket and Janssen and Cricket’s family go here several time in THE STORY OF US.
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Carreras Restaurant (Locale): Indigo worked here in INDIGO SKYE, Cricket worked here briefly in THE STORY OF US.
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Slow Change (Character): the music group led by Hunter Eden, who Indigo is obsessed with in INDIGO, is the group that plays Christian and Clara’s song in STAY.
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Dr. Kaninski (Character): Indigo’s mother, Naomi Skye, works in his office in INDIGO; he is Jade’s psychiatrist in JADE.
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Miz June (Character): The Casserole Queen from HONEY is unnamed, but is meant to be the old lady Leroy gives directions to while dressed as a breakfast burrito in INDIGO.
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Joe Davis (Character): The minister who dates Ruby’s mother in HONEY is a customer at Carrera’s in INDIGO.
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Harold Zaminski (Character): one of the Casserole Queens in HONEY; he bakes desserts for Carrera’s Restaurant in INDIGO.
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Captain Ed (Character): drives his Winnebago in various places in nearly every one of Deb’s books. Try to spot him!  His latest appearance is at the docks in WHAT’S BECOME OF HER.
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Ann (Character): Ruby’s librarian mother in HONEY visits Carrera’s with Joe Davis in INDIGO.
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Nine Mile Falls (Location):
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