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The Secret Life of Prince Charming
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Locations and Characters: The Secret Life of Prince Charming

Travis Becker (Character): Ruby’s boyfriend in HONEY also dates Quinn’s friend Liv in PRINCE.
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Sydney and her mom, Lizbeth (Character): Lizbeth is a long-time friend of both Ruby’s mom in HONEY and Quinn’s mom in PRINCE, Sydney is a friend to both Ruby in HONEY and Quinn in PRINCE.
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Hayden (Character): Appearing only briefly at the end of PRINCE, Abigail Renfrew’s son is the main character and love interest of Juliet, Scarlet’s sister in RULES.
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Captain Ed (Character): drives his Winnebago in various places in nearly every one of Deb’s books. Try to spot him!  His latest appearance is at the docks in WHAT’S BECOME OF HER.
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Dean Neuhaus (Character): Quinn’s mom dates Dean briefly in PRINCE.  Scarlett’s Mom almost marries Dean in RULES.  Dean gets dumped both times.
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Casserole Queens (Character): the main characters in HONEY are seen driving down the freeway to Portland in PRINCE.
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Bernice Rawlins (Character): librarian who works with Ruby’s mom in HONEY is Quinn’s neighbor in PRINCE.
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Java Jive coffee shop (Locale):
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Seattle (Location):
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Nine Mile Falls (Location):
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